Feeling Like a Let Down

It’s the Burnley 10km this weekend and I’m not prepared for it at all. I was doing really well with my running and preparing for it but I had a panic attack a few weekends ago. I did write a blog about it, but I got scared about posting it so it is in the … Continue reading Feeling Like a Let Down

Goodbye Couch 2 5km

Last night on my outing I ended up ditching Couch 2 5km. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it, and it has helped me so much on this journey and I would encourage anyone who is new to running to download it and work their way through it. But I had had enough. During … Continue reading Goodbye Couch 2 5km

Dogs :)

Everyone loves a dog! That’s all I have to say. My Couch 2 5km was different on Sunday because I completed it (and then some) doing Cancer Research Race for Life does Doggy Dash. Yes, with lots and lots of doggos and my very best running partner – Simon! My friend Emma-Leigh arranges charity events … Continue reading Dogs 🙂

Give Me Motivation…

I’m going to give you all an insight into my exciting life now – I hope you’re ready for it. Hold on tight. Saturday morning Joe finished work at 7am, he quietly got home and climbed in bed. Didn’t even disturb me once. Left me sleeping like a precious little moonbeam of wonder, dreaming of … Continue reading Give Me Motivation…