There’s something elating about getting up early on a Saturday Morning. Said no chubby runner EVER. What is elating though is running with dinosaur pants on, wearing a Hygge band to bring more attention to your egg shaped fivehead and wearing a bright yellow jacket. Why I need to be seen and reflect all the … Continue reading #figleavesforgem

Even Hufflepuffs Can be Brave

Happy New Year to you! I hope you all enjoyed all your celebrations no matter how big or small. I’ve enjoyed eating a strict diet of cheese, bread, chocolate and Lucky Charms. I am utterly devastated that the season has now come to an end, and my luxurious choice of nutrients has too. Over December, … Continue reading Even Hufflepuffs Can be Brave

BOOBIES! The difficulty of getting a sports bra correct!

Bazumbas. Jubilees. Nunga Nungas. Baby Feeders. Tattas. Boobies. Fiery Biscuits. Melons. Fried Eggs. Danny DeVito’s or the Mitchel Brothers. Whether they are small, large, up near our chin or near our ankles - all us ladies have them and the majority of us have names for them. Just so you know, mine are my fiery … Continue reading BOOBIES! The difficulty of getting a sports bra correct!

BREAKING NEWS! I contracted Man Flu!!

Joe had this terrible illness last week. He was actually dying. His nose fell off, his bones had withered, he had lost all sight and his lungs had become home to tiny sharks who were chewing and biting his throat, causing him to cough his way through his slumber. Unfortunately, he passed this terrible illness … Continue reading BREAKING NEWS! I contracted Man Flu!!

Simon fell in the canal :(

Just to start, for those of you that don’t know me personally we have a wonderful Pupper named Simon.  His full name is Simon James Stephanie Jamiroquai Astin. But that’s only on Sundays or when he’s misbehaving.  I promised my now husband, then boyfriend, 6 years ago that we can get a dog. On two … Continue reading Simon fell in the canal 😦

Burnley 10km. Tears and Triumphs.

Well, I did it. I did my second 10km for Charity. I beat my time from last year, I’ve beat my fundraising target, I have two new gorgeous running shirts and one wonderful medal to add to my collection but I feel so deflated. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every second of it but … Continue reading Burnley 10km. Tears and Triumphs.

New Day. New Improvements

Yesterday I wasn’t up for running on Sunday. Zumba class was cancelled and I just felt so down. I hadn’t been out for 2 weeks and with Sunday on the horizon I needed to go out. I had gone through all the emotions today; excitement. Dread. Happiness. Sadness. At 4pm I knew Joe would be … Continue reading New Day. New Improvements