BREAKING NEWS! I contracted Man Flu!!

Joe had this terrible illness last week. He was actually dying. His nose fell off, his bones had withered, he had lost all sight and his lungs had become home to tiny sharks who were chewing and biting his throat, causing him to cough his way through his slumber. Unfortunately, he passed this terrible illness on to me and I have had the ‘suffered’ the cold for the past week. I did get a little snotty and chesty so decided to not run or do exercise until I was feeling better. I’m still not 100% but decided to go to ParkRun this morning. Obviously, the brave lion that is Joe has recovered from his terrible illness and because he is miraculously no longer dying he decided to tackle his first ParkRun.

It was the slowest ParkRun I’ve ever completed. Which makes me feel really deflated, sad and disappointed in myself. I struggled with my chest, I couldn’t get any breath and those tiny sharks Joe complained about – I actually felt them! But I’m going to take some positives form this experience –

First of all can we just celebrate the fact I have, well may, might have, possibly suffered from Man Flu!!! I think this might be a scientific break through and I certainly have no idea how to process this news or what to do with it. If anyone knows how I should process, report or send this information, my DNA or anything else that might be of help. Then please let me know.

Secondly, I felt like I could run for a bit longer I only stopped because I couldn’t breathe because of those pesky little lung sharks. We mustn’t forget those. I know I can run longer and quicker, so I can only put it down to the fact I contracted man flu. I also had no earphones or music and just did the course to the sound of nature (and my own breath – wow I’m unfit!)

I’m trying to not concentrate on the negatives – only the positives. I got up in the cold, wind and rain and went to Park Run with my two biggest fans. Who deserve a special mention because they absolutely smashed it!!

A special mention also needs to go to the three elderly gentlemen who walked all the way around the route. At Burnley ParkRun, you complete a 2.5km circle twice. When I passed them on the second lap (they were still on their first – bless them!) I had sweat dripping all over me and my face was so red I looked like a beetroot wearing sports clothes. They cheered me on and told me to keep going. I told them I just wanted to give up and they encouraged me to continue. One said that his wife started ParkRun 18 months ago; it took her 48 minutes to complete the first one and now she completes it in 35 minutes. They were the cutest. I’m really regretting that I didn’t ask her name, but I want to be more like her.

Let’s all channel our inner ParkRun lady and be amazing!!!

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