BREAKING NEWS! I contracted Man Flu!!

Joe had this terrible illness last week. He was actually dying. His nose fell off, his bones had withered, he had lost all sight and his lungs had become home to tiny sharks who were chewing and biting his throat, causing him to cough his way through his slumber. Unfortunately, he passed this terrible illness … Continue reading BREAKING NEWS! I contracted Man Flu!!

Running to the sound of Nature

My anxiety has been quite bad recently. If anyone says my name I get overwhelmed with negative thoughts and I start to feel like I have done something wrong. I went to see my Dr about my knee (still giving me jip – maybe I should just resign to the fact that I am a … Continue reading Running to the sound of Nature

Simon fell in the canal :(

Just to start, for those of you that don’t know me personally we have a wonderful Pupper named Simon.  His full name is Simon James Stephanie Jamiroquai Astin. But that’s only on Sundays or when he’s misbehaving.  I promised my now husband, then boyfriend, 6 years ago that we can get a dog. On two … Continue reading Simon fell in the canal 😦