New Day. New Improvements

Yesterday I wasn’t up for running on Sunday. Zumba class was cancelled and I just felt so down. I hadn’t been out for 2 weeks and with Sunday on the horizon I needed to go out.

I had gone through all the emotions today; excitement. Dread. Happiness. Sadness. At 4pm I knew Joe would be finishing work soon and was ready for the run when I got home at 6.30pm.

10 minutes after a customer called and was everything you want in a customer when you’re not in a good mood.






I left the phone call deflated and on the verge of tears. She was just the ticket to tip me over the edge.

I did it though. I got home, threw my running gear on and went for a run. And my word I feel so much better. I listened to loud drum and base and I ran. I ran the quickest 4km I have ever ran and I only stopped because I didn’t take my water with me. Who does that in this heat?! Three young men were under a bridge too; I was a bit scared of running past them and Joe had long passed me at this point. They were more than likely wonderful, polite young men, but I don’t think I’m quite out of the panicking woods yet.

Exercise does really help your mood, and right now I am looking forward to going out on a Thursday after work. I’m not quite ready for Sunday though. As much as I don’t want to do it, there are children depending on me to do it. There’s still time to sponsor me.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to go out today. I love you 😘 

And how beautiful is Lancashire and my running partners 💙💙


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