Feeling Like a Let Down

It’s the Burnley 10km this weekend and I’m not prepared for it at all.

I was doing really well with my running and preparing for it but I had a panic attack a few weekends ago. I did write a blog about it, but I got scared about posting it so it is in the cloud world waiting for the day I’m ready to share that story. (Maybe Never!)

I’ve been set back since then, I’ve had a constant head ache and nausea and my anxiety has been quite bad since then. I’ve felt like a bit of a let down.

I’ve also been to the Dr’s this morning with a knee pain that could or could not be related to running. I just feel a little overwhelmed with everything and like I’m failing. Failing at something that I couldn’t even do in the first place. I’ll be there on Sunday, trying my absolute best but right now I’m not feeling it.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Like a Let Down

  1. You are amazing and I’m sure you will over come this hurdle with the same inner strength that you always find.
    You are amazing and stronger than you think.
    You gave a large group of family and friends that support you and believe in you.
    Good luck my Brat #1, even though I believe you won’t need it.
    Love you always and get prouder of you every minute you Grace this world xxx xxx

    Love Dad


  2. You are never a let down and always go above and beyond for other people. It’s about time you did that for yourself.. but I know you will because I know you will be running with the best effort you can on Sunday and I can’t wait to cheer you on when you do! You are an inspiration to many for many reasons, even if the first one is overcoming these thoughts to make sure you run on Sunday… you go girl!!


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