Goodbye Couch 2 5km

Last night on my outing I ended up ditching Couch 2 5km. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it, and it has helped me so much on this journey and I would encourage anyone who is new to running to download it and work their way through it.

But I had had enough. During the first 5-minute jog I was longing to hear the voice of Sarah Millican telling me I had one minute left and I hated every second of the last 60 seconds. Just before the second 5-minute run, the road on the canal path had been closed so I had to turn around earlier than usual anyway. I turned off the app – I thought I would run all the way back just listening to my music and see how I get on. I only stopped once. The same route I had just walked for 3 minutes on and felt like it was never ending. I ran it all. Well jogged.

The one time I stopped though, I bent down to pop my laces back in my trainers and I noticed how hairy my legs were – I don’t think I’ve shaved them since 1936. That’s probably the main reason I didn’t stop. I didn’t want to be caught by the hairy leg police; me being a wanted criminal and all.

So, I’ve binned it. I found it was making my time out negative. I was longing for the timer to end and give me a break to walk. When I’m out on Friday, I won’t be using the app and I will see how much it improves my time and effort.

Who knows, I might be having a slight moment of impaired judgement and I could be back to the app next week. This experience did make me go home and shave my legs though. Who knows, my new smooth as a dolphin legs may improve my running ability.

Wish me luck!!

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