Goodbye Couch 2 5km

Last night on my outing I ended up ditching Couch 2 5km. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it, and it has helped me so much on this journey and I would encourage anyone who is new to running to download it and work their way through it. But I had had enough. During … Continue reading Goodbye Couch 2 5km

Apologies and a Police Chase

Well, here we are again. I have to apologise firstly, I haven’t been on and made a post in a while because I’ve had a really rubbish 10 days. I didn’t go out an do my couch 2 5km for the first time in 4 weeks and we ordered take away instead. I started to … Continue reading Apologies and a Police Chase

Dogs :)

Everyone loves a dog! That’s all I have to say. My Couch 2 5km was different on Sunday because I completed it (and then some) doing Cancer Research Race for Life does Doggy Dash. Yes, with lots and lots of doggos and my very best running partner – Simon! My friend Emma-Leigh arranges charity events … Continue reading Dogs 🙂